Princeton Health Systems

Health Education Products

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American Dietetic Association - nutrition-related materials for consumers and nutrition professionals

American Heart Association - heart healthy education materials

American Institute for Preventive Medicine - Provides booklets, self-care manuals and brochures for health promotion and wellness. 

Behavioral Health Resources –brochures and booklets on behavioral health topics.

Circadian Information – Shift-worker information in the form of newsletters, calendars, booklets and brochures.

Diseases Explained –  Brochures about different health promotion topics

FastMark – laminated health education brochures.

Health Enhancement Systems - Health and fitness incentive programs for any worksite. Also offers the Health Promotion Practitioner newsletter.

Hope Publications – Newsletters, brochures, booklets, videotapes and posters. PHS is proud to be able to offer these high-quality prevention tools.

JourneyWorks Publishing – public health education materials.

Krames Communications – Educational booklets, pamphlets and videotapes.

Oakstone Wellness Publications – brochures on different health topics.

Park-Nicolet – Self-care brochure series, medical consumerism booklets, comprehensive health promotion guidebooks, diabetes management and other wellness-related products.

Parlay International –These fully-indexed kits contain reproducible pages of health education articles, quizzes and illustrations. The pages are photocopy and camera-ready.

Personal Best Printers of the Personal Best, Best of Health and Well and Wise newsletters. Descriptive information is enclosed. Samples available upon request.

Personal Health Designs – health promotion give-aways and educational materials.

Positive Promotions – Incentive items and personalized, health education materials

Whole Person Associates – High-impact training resources for stress management and wellness. Books, videotapes, workbooks, training kits and audiotapes.

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